Horwath Bahrain is a team of dedicated business professionals with the required skills, personal integrity and objectivity needed to render quality service to each client through a responsive and effective personal relationship. This service is based on our understanding and caring for our clientís business and its needs.

Founded in 1989, Horwath Bahrain provides a range of quality professional services to a growing number of clients. We follow international standards with respect to auditing, accounting and management consultancy services. Our partners and staff are highly qualified, motivated and dedicated to provide quality value added services to our clients. 

Horwath Bahrain will certainly add value to your organizationís operational efficiency, profitability, and competitive edge through the following:

International Presence

Horwath Bahrain is a member firm of Horwath International (HI), an integrated professional organization of accounting and management consulting firms, recognized for providing creative, innovative general business solutions to clients, and solutions in specific areas in which we specialize. Ranked among the top eight international professional service firms, HI has more than 110 member and correspondent firms, with 415 offices in over 280 cities throughout the world, serving clients internationally with HIís coordination and support.

Each member is well established as a leader in its national business community and is staffed by nationals, guaranteeing knowledge of local laws and customs, which is important to clients undertaking new ventures or expanding in other countries.

Quality professional services (assurance, tax and consulting) are fundamental to HI member firmsí global operations. While each member firm assumes full and exclusive responsibility for its professional services, common operating standards for international work have been developed and are monitored continuously through a system of quality controls. This provision assures that each member firm is able to meet the high standards of practice and commitment to client service that HI has established. The International headquarters in New York coordinates activities and engagements under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Frank B. Arford. The Regional Partner of the Arab-speaking countries is Mr.Wael Abou Chakra, The Managing Director of Abou Chakra Group in Beirut, Lebanon. Also, a new position has been created for Europe and the Middle East, Regional Executive Director Mr. Bernard Dalomeni.